Drug facilitated sexual assault

The photo shows a well in a fortress occupied by Heinz vom Stein, a legendary robber knight from the 13th century. Heinz got away with kidnapping and raping women because of his power and his unassailable fortress in the rock walls near Stein, a small town in Germany. He killed many of his victims by throwing them down a 25 meter (about 75 ft) deep well in his fortress.

Times haven't changed that much. Like Heinz, many perps nowadays still use their positions of power to commit sexual assaults and rape and to escape accountability. But unlike Heinz, people now more frequently use alcohol and drugs, rather than brutal force, to incapacitate their victims and to sexually assault or rape them. The most commonly used substance is alcohol. But drugs like Rohypnol, Ketamine, or GBL, a precursor of GBH, or GBH, as well as other substances are also used.

The article below provides on an overview on drug facilitated sexual assault.

This is a brief article by RAINN, apparently based on the DEA article.

Brigitte Schulze