Need a Unique and Useful Graduation Gift?

Do you need a unique and useful graduation gift for a young person going off to college? Is your graduate taking time off to travel the world?

What if you gave them a certificate for self-defense training in a fun, supportive environment?

We cover mental, emotional, and physical self-defense, beginning with self-awareness, situational awareness, risk awareness, reduction, recognition, and avoidance.

We also explore holistic self-protection, including protecting your authentic self against social pressure, boundary violations, and manipulation.

In our physical training, your graduates will learn how to overcome freezing, how to release themselves from grabs and holds, and how to use gross-motor based fundamental counter-attacks.

They’ll leave with safety strategies and options that they can use immediately in their daily lives, at college, at work, or while traveling.

We have certificates for workshops and private training passes, starting at $85.

Our next group women’s self-defense workshop is coming up on June 8th, 2019 for $185/person or $360 for two friends. Register by June 1, 2019.

Private training is available by appointment at times and on days that work for your graduate. Your busy graduates can set their own training schedules, coordinating with friends and working around their other commitments this summer.

Please see our course page to choose from a wide variety of options. I’m also happy to make suggestions. Just send me a message or call at 406.580.5190 or inquire online below.

Brigitte Schulze