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Three Rivers Defense

Holistic Self-Defense


What we are about

•    Reality-based, trauma-informed self-defense training

•    Assertiveness and boundary setting

•    Mental and emotional preparation, de-escalation, avoidance, evasion, and escape options

•    Easy to learn, retain, and apply gross motor-based physical defense moves

•    Physical self-defense building on your instinctive reactions to threats

•    Comprehensive, graduated, physical training, up to full-impact counter-attacks

•    Supportive and respectful environment

•    Empowerment through increased knowledge and skills, not illusions and dangerous over-confidence

 •   Solid research and legal defensibility

•    Fully-equipped self-defense gym  

•    Living life joyfully

Whom we serve

•    Everyone is welcome

•    We value diversity 

•    We serve everyone who wants to learn self-defense for prevention

•    We serve people interested in trauma-recovery through supplanting body memories of helplessness with new sensations of power and control  

•    Our training is for anyone age 13 and up who wants to learn in a supportive environment

•    No particular physical ability or fitness level is required

What we hope you'll take away

•    More self-awareness, situational awareness, and knowledge about violence dynamics

•    A deeper understanding of how your body and neural system react to threats

•    Full realization of the power of your instincts and other natural weapons  

•    Better mental, emotional, and physical abilities to avoid, reduce, recognize, and manage risk

•    Realistic mental and physical defense options

•    Safety skills that you can use as soon as you walk out the door

•    Increased or regained confidence, well-being, and peace of mind

What we can’t do

•    We cannot guarantee your safety

What we can do

  • We can give you increased personal safety and self-defense options



Mindfulness is the basis of awareness 



Situational awareness is based on self-awareness






Self-defense starts with mindfulness


Take Safety into Your Own Hands

Start Training

Contact us by phone at 406.580.5190 or e-mail so we can discuss your training needs and interests. Our training options range from 60-minute to multi-day training. After we decide together what will best fit your or your group's needs, you can register in person, by mail and check, or on-line.

We believe in diversity. At Three Rivers Defense everyone is welcome.

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