What people said after training with us


Trauma informed training provides a conditioned brain other options for both thought and action. It helps build a sense of trust in oneself, which is essential to a healthy recovery. This kind of growth needs a safe place to take root. Reaching outside the system, through a network of trust and confidentiality, with the assistance of family and friends, to find Brigitte was a critical step in survival. Removing herself as a target geographically and working with Brigitte helped her begin to imagine (or re-imagine) the story she could live beyond the abuser, and beyond the failure of the system — a future reality where she had the ability to exercise effective tools moving toward becoming herself again, no longer feeling like helpless prey.

— Beth, Mother of a Domestic Violence Survivor, USA

“We were so happy to have you back this year at the Symposium. … so many people commented on how much they valued your class and how empowering it was! Thank you for providing such important tools to our local Dillon women. ”
— Alison D., Annual Women’s Symposium, 2017

Awesome. Empowering + fun.
— L.H., Bozeman, Montana, 2016

The training was amazing. It was a lot of fun and it taught me a lot of things I hadn’t known before, about myself and what I can do.
— T., Montana, 2015

I just wanted to thank you so much for the class last night. Everyone has responded to me that they got a ton out of it and had fun as well.
— Erin. S., Montana, 2017

I feel that I have my eyes open to a lot more things that I need to be aware of. …I also discovered that I am a lot more powerful than I realized….
— K.J. 2015

Your self-defense workshop was FANTASTIC!
Your clear and encouraging instruction combined with actual practice convinced me that I am already ALWAYS equipped with the necessary tools to defend myself – it’s just a question of preparing MYSELF, with mental awareness and evaluation and physical practice.
— Nadia B. USA, 2014

…very helpful. I will feel safer @ college because I have this knowledge.
— young woman going off to college, 2014