2018 FAQ - Three Rivers Defense – Self-Defense Training

Welcome to Three Rivers Defense,

I am looking forward to our self-defense training with you. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

1. What clothing should I wear? Wear comfortable clothes that you can work out in. But this is self-defense, so you can wear anything that you usually wear. We do ask that you don't wear clothing with metal or other parts that could hurt you or others.

2. What shoes should I wear? At our gym in Bozeman, Montana, we work out on mats and a lot of our trainees prefer to train barefoot. If you want to wear shoes, wear clean, inside-only gym shoes, preferably mat shoes with a smooth sole.

3. What should I bring? Bring your signed Waiver/Release, Wellness Form, and Training Safety Agreement. Minors, make sure to have a parent or guardian sign your waiver/release. You can also submit most of those forms online.

Also, bring a water bottle, and, if you want to, a snack.

If you have hand-wraps or mixed martial arts gloves, feel free to bring them. We also have some protective gear at the gym. It's not necessary that you wear any gear for your introductory sessions.

4. What will we do? In our introductory courses, we'll begin with movement and body positioning for stability, agility, and control, and we will focus on releases from grabs and holds as we start out.

We'll then move on to an overview of targets and weapons, and we will learn how to use natural weapons for counter-attacks. We usually start with palm-heels, hammer-fists, elbows, and simple leg and knee strikes.

5. When should I arrive and where is the gym? Our Bozeman gym is at 612 W Griffin Drive, Unit C, Bozeman. These are the new commercial Great Northern Condominiums on the South side of Griffin Drive.

Please arrive about 15 – 20 minutes early so that I can collect your Waiver/Releases and so that we can start on time. I'm looking forward to training with you!

Brigitte Schulze

Three Rivers Defense

(406) 580-5190